Welcome to UBSBOLIG

UBSBOLIG A/S (UBSBOLIG) is a management company managing all sorts of residence halls and social housing:

• social youth housing
• independent residence halls
• fund-owned residence halls
• student housing owned by private investors
• subsidized private residence halls
• sheltered housing and assisted living facility for housing organisations and municipalities
• social housing organisations
We manage approx. 5,000 units, of which most are student housing facilities (residence halls, youth housing, etc.), and we are represented in more than 10 municipalities – though most residences are located in Copenhagen and Roskilde.

We manage two nominating committees, CIU in Copenhagen and RIU in Roskilde, which combined nominate for over 7,000 residences.

We are presently18 driven employees at the office in the centre of Copenhagen and 47 inspectors/caretakers and assistants at the properties. At the office, we are organised in departments: accounting, management, project management and nominating. All departments have a manager who has a degree within the area and with a long and extensive experience. Two managing employees have a Master of Laws degree.

Whether you are a resident, a board member or a potential client searching for a good manager, we hope that you will find our website interesting.

If you are a resident, you might find some relevant information under the menu ’your’ property.

If you are a board member, you might find some relevant information under ’your’ property, but also elsewhere on the website. Use the search box on the left-hand side.

Please also feel free to submit your praise, complaints and good ideas on info@ubsbolig.dk.