Are you looking for a place to live?

The nominating committees, CIU in Copenhagen and RIU in Roskilde, offer students access to more than 7,000 residence halls and youth housing facilities.
Our internet-based waiting list system enables you to apply for residence hall and youth housing at one overall housing portal. Click here for CIU, and click here for RIU.
If you are a student, or you are just about to start your education, you can apply for your new housing here.
You can sign up for waiting list for all housing, and you can see whether there is any available housing at present, which you can be offered right away.
Watch out for cheating with rental housing
UBSBOLIG supports The Crime Prevention Council (DKR) and the Police:

-if the landlord wants under-the-table money.
-if you do not get a rent agreement.
-if you are not accessed to seeing the housing physically – and the landlord in real life.

Good advice

-use your common sense.
-seek professional help when you are renting housing.
-seek help from family and friends so that you are not all on your own