Internal waiting list

You may sign up for internal waiting list for other housing, but only in the department you live in. This means that a tenant in one property in Amager cannot enter an internal waiting list for other housing in Amager.

If you enter an internal waiting list, you will be offered any vacant housing before the external waiting list. You may sign up for an internal waiting list by contacting your property manager.

Termination of present tenancy
In connection with the internal move, UBSBolig a/s draws attention to the fact that you must remember to terminate your current tenancy, but for moving out 14 days after taking over the new tenancy. I.e., you must pay double rent for at least 14 days. The notice of termination under your lease also applies to internal move.

Please note that deposit is not transferred from your current lease. This means that you will have to pay a new deposit. Settlement of previously paid deposit will be made upon reletting.

If you have debt in your current lease, you will need to pay this, before entering a lease for the new tenancy.