UBSBOLIG A/S specialises in working with residence halls and youth housing, social family housing, sheltered housing and assisted living facilities.

Residence halls and youth housing comprise: Social youth housing, independent residence halls, subsidized private residence halls, fund-owned residence halls and residence halls owned by private investors.

UBSBOLIG A/S has been building, operating, renovating, managing and nominating for (student) housing for more than 40 years.

We are certain that close dialogue with owners, boards of directors and residents is the basis for successful nominating and management and forms basis of positive cooperation.

The employees at UBSBOLIG A/S have gained professional as well as human qualifications through experience and education and therefore have very thorough knowledge of the segment.

UBSBOLIG A/S is represented in national as well as Scandinavian cooperation on residence halls and youth housing, and we are in close contact with decision-makers at ministerial as well as municipal level.

It is important to us to be in dialogue with young people in order to have the proper basis for understanding our target group. This means that we are always in close dialogue with student organisations and have meetings twice a year with the residents at which we can teach them about relevant issues but also talk to them about optimisation of the management and operation of the properties.
New clients – How to obtain a proposal?

Please always feel free to contact us at for a proposal for nominating, nominating and management or management alone.

We will contact you as soon as possible upon your contact.

From idea over construction to commencement of use, to nominating and/or management, we can help you – either by performing the task on your behalf or as your advisor until commencement of use.

Surely, you decide which service you need, and you only pay for what you need. We know that we are competitive in terms of contents as well as prices.


We manage housing according to the law on social housing (Act on social housing and Act on renting social housing) as well as the Rent Act. All social housing is regulated according to the Act on social housing, and independent residence halls, fund-owned residence halls and properties owned by private investors are regulated by the Rent Act. We have many years’ experience in working according to both sets of rules.
Property management

We perform all parts of normal property management – and a lot more.

We have yet to meet a client who had a request we were unable to accommodate. We are keen on composing our services according to the needs and requests of the individual client.

We have a standard service description which we can apply as basis to ensure that you get the exact service you want. Naturally, we are also able to provide an immediate proposal for ’normal management” – which is the service most of our clients request and receive. No matter which you choose, dialogue will be the foundation so that we can help you (too) finding and understanding which service you need and want.

We perform an annual study check on the clients in our management.
Waiting list management

Most of our clients obviously like their housing to be let – at any time. And we are happy to you. We nominate for more than 7,000 residence halls and youth housing facilities in the Copenhagen area and Roskilde. In addition to this are a number of housing organisations.

Residence halls and youth housing built with subsidy are to be nominated through a nominating committee where the recommendation is made according to a very precise set of rules. Housing owned by private investors and fund-owned residence halls are not subject to the same requirements – and this means that the owner may include own/other wishes in the nominating criteria.

Whether you are one type or the other, we know your needs and are able to help you compose the exact service, you request.
Operation and management

UBSBOLIG offers planning and management of all tasks within the day-to-day operation and management of the property and provides advisory about the possibilities of performing refurbishment and improvement work.

It is optional whether you wish to include the property operation in the management (though most clients do). If you want UBSBOLIG A/S to be in charge of the day-to-day operation of the property, we will hire, on your behalf, an inspector/caretaker for whom we act as employers. We will make sure that the employees in the properties are part of our inspector/caretaker corps, so that you always have replacement on holiday and sickness. Our inspectors/caretakers are always up-to-date on necessary knowledge and are able to exchange experiences with their colleagues at our inspector meetings.

It is also optional whether you want us to be in charge of any refurbishment and improvement work. Such work is always charged as per separate agreement.

A natural part of the operation is to prepare operations and maintenance budgets. We prepare the coming year’s budget as well as a long-term budget.

Our project manager takes a tour of the premises with the inspector/caretaker and a representative of the owner (board/owner/department board) once a year. This tour and the decisions made form basis of the coming year’s operating budget and the long-term budget.

The operations staff (inspectors/caretakers) are typically employed directly at the property (in order to save VAT), but UBSBOLIG A/S carries out the employer function on behalf of the owner.

We hold quarterly meetings with inspectors/caretakers at which we are able to further educate them, and they are able to learn from each other. Finally, we use these meetings to match our expectations so that the operating staff at the properties function as our extended arm to efficiently care for your interests. If a client has special requests of the operation, this will be agreed separately, and we will make sure the operating staff has been informed.
Constructions and refurbishment cases

These cases are always subject to separate written agreement.

We have experience within building and renovating – experience developed over more than 40 years.