Mission, vision and identity

UBSBOLIG A/S’ basic mission is to add value.
Value to UBSBOLIG’s stakeholders and financial value for the company.

We want to be the most attractive housing organisation for all students in Denmark irrespective of nationality.

UBSBOLIG must stand out from its competitors because UBSBOLIG knows the segment we are working for and the segment knows us – the student and youth segment. UBSBOLIG’s clients and cooperating partners must consider UBSBOLIG as more than a management company. UBSBOLIG must develop the foundation for having the best insight into and understanding of the segment.
UBSBOLIG also stands out from its competitors by being known for its competent and committed employees. UBSBOLIG must be the preferred choice due to the attentiveness the clients experience.

Strategy for 2015 to 2018:
It is our ambition within the coming years, directly and through cooperation with other specialists in the area:
• to ensure the users of UBSBOLIG greater insight into and involvement in their housing through increased use of IT
• to expand the network among the stakeholders working with student housing
• to ensure the entity’s role as the preferred advisor – in a broad sense – when student housing is built
• to expand competences and systems with respect to nominating for residences according to want/need criteria
• to extend the position as preferred entity with respect to management of residence halls and youth housing
• to maintain a workplace and organisation with focus on competence, commitment and creativity
• to further develop a high level of information internally in the organisation as well as externally towards clients, stakeholders and other cooperating partners where UBS loyally makes its knowledge available.
• to ensure loyal clients through transparency, involvement and cooperation