Payment of rent

As a tenant, you are liable to ensure that rent is paid on time, and according to the law, this means on the first weekday of the month.

Giro form
You will receive a giro form unless you have registered for payment of rent over payment services via Nets. You will receive such giro form no later than five days before the 1st day of a month. If you have not received a giro form on the 27th day of a month, please contact your property manager to obtain a new giro form.

PBS – automatic payment
If you have registered your rent payment for automatic payment service, it will appear from your monthly automatic payment overview which is sent to your e-box about a week before the 1st day of the month. Here, it will be shown what is paid automatically.

NOTE: If there is not enough money in your account, your automatic payments are rejected. It is not enough to check that the rent is registered for automatic payment; you also need to check that it is actually paid.
When moving out, it is important that you deregister your agreement yourself. UBSBolig a/s is not accessed to do so.

Agreement re. rent
You cannot establish an instalment scheme for rent. It is to be paid every month. If rent is not in our account on time, you will receive a reminder and be charged a fee for late payment of rent. If your rent is still not paid, your tenancy will be terminated.