You may sublet your housing for up to two years. For residents in residence halls/youth housing, it will typically be six months’ subletting in connection with study abroad.
You may sublet:

• If you are going studying abroad/other part of Denmark. However, this is to be an integral part of your education, and thus to be credited, i.e., you are not allowed to sublet during six months’ stay at folk high school or similar.
• If you have been sick and need to convalescence abroad in order to get better
• If you have a job abroad (not applicable to residence halls and youth housing)

You may not sublet:
• If you wish to move in with your girlfriend or boyfriend
• If you are going on a longer vacation
• If you take leave from your studies

If you want to sublet, you will find an application form here and perhaps use this contract or in English to enter into agreement with your sublessee.

Application, sublease and documentation are to be submitted to UBSBOLIG A/S.